Transform 5 games Augmented Reality using Vuforia in Unity3D UDEMY

Transform 5 games Augmented Reality using Vuforia in Unity3D udemy course by Professor Brinis Hamza

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Transform 5 games Augmented Reality using Vuforia in Unity3D udemy course by Professor Brinis Hamza

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Summary about Transform 5 games Augmented Reality using Vuforia in Unity3D Course

This course focus on Vuforia Image Target, We will use Vuforia Image Target to make 5 game AR and one AR multiplayer at the same time using photon. this package is divided to 2 main Videos: for each game, a common tasks which is Vuforia configuration, and the best part, to make the game Augmented Reality. in the final game we will make it Multiplayer either. Some games will have a video for fixing errors appeared after making it AR. This package will give you the needed experience to manipulate and Master  Vuforia SDK on Unity3D game Engine. This course will teach you a lot according to the time passed in,The cause is : we are Engineers and knows the shortest path with better results. Learn the Engineers thinking way. Learn to code clear and simple code with huge effect. Learn to decompose a project by “Modules”. Learn to create a diagram for each game or big module to develop. learn the Reverse Engineering method. So, a new gaming experience has arrived! It is Multiplayer AR Games Using Vuforia Engine. There are already very successful Multiplayer Games out there such as Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Mini Guns – Omega Wars… If you are a game developer, there can’t be a better time to develop and publish your Own multiplayer game  to the stores( AppStore or PlayStore And more …Because there are really a few games and the potential is huge! That’s why I created this unique online course on Multiplayer Augmented Reality to help game developers publish their own Multiplayer AR Games. In this course, you will learn the basics of Multiplayer Augmented Reality game development. Once we completed the single-player mode, we will implement Multiplayer using Photon Unity Networking 2 package as the multiplayer engine. For the Multiplayer side of the game, you will learn: Connecting to Photon servers Joining random rooms Player Selection Automatic Player Spawning After Death Writing your own Synchronization script to synchronize player movement also Health Bar And Animations . Killing and re-spawning mechanism. Then, we will implement Augmented Reality into the multiplayer game we’ve built. We will use the top AR SDKs which are Vuforia . And with Unity’s AR Foundation, we will develop only once and deploy the game to both Android and IOS devices. That will definitely save you some development time… For the Augmented Reality side of the game, you will learn: Test The Multiplayer And AR Game With Different Solutions. Implementing AR to a Unity Scene Implementing Vuforia to the Project with AR Foundation Detecting image Target and Put Map On it Placing the Game Arena to Flat Surfaces Health Bar for All Players synchronization Movement Synchronization in Augmented Reality Support for Unity 2019.3! Come and join me if you want to be part of this new, awesome Gaming platform which is Multiplayer Augmented Reality. Let’s build together! Who this course is for: Unity developers who want to build Multiplayer Augmented Reality ( AR ) games Unity developers who want to learn building AR Games Unity developers who want to Learn how to make a game from Single Player To Multiplayer unity arcore vuforia augmented reality – One technology that’s truly shaking up the landscape is augmented reality (AR), which superimposes an image onto a user’s view of the real world and enhances it with sound, touch, and even smell 13‏/09‏/2018 – The first augmented reality tutorial in our series will help you get to grips with scenes unity 3d ar – unity vuforia augmented reality tutorial. How To Augmented Reality Video Playback Unity 2017|2018 & Vuforia  · Augmented Reality in Education 2018 AR Arkids cards Pink screen in android build unity vuforia In this Unity tutorial series, newly updated for Unity 2018 [NEW] Vuforia 8 Video Playback in Augmented Reality Unity 2020 Aren’t you interested in : Vuforia,Arcore,AR,Augmented Reality,game mechanics,unity,Transform Game to Augmented Reality,3D Scripting,Unity AR,Prototyping,Visual Studio,V…

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What you’ll learn Augmented Reality reverse engineering vuforia photon Photon PUN 2 healthbar healthbar Engineer thinking method Photon Unity Networking Augmented Reality Game Development Image Target Detection in AR Network Synchronization Multiplayer Battle vs Raid UML Architecture (Conception) 3D Game Development C# Coding Advanced Functions Unity Interface Show more Show less

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